Intco joins BT Electronics

Dear Customers,

Mr Bertrand, the founder and director of IntCo, has done everything in his power to ensure the continuity of IntCo’s activities as the exclusive distributor of plasma treatment systems, parylene deposition systems and vacuum chambers for the German manufacturer Diener Electronic, and to provide the much-appreciated customer service. Since Monday 23 October 2023, IntCo has been part of BT Electronics, which is part of the RG distribution group, respecting and continuing the entrepreneurial and family values that have shaped its identity.

Mr Bertrand will accompany this transition and ensure the continuity of customer relations.
Dany Prior joins the BT Electronics technical and sales team to take over from IntCo. The BT Electronics team offers equipment and products such as Vigor gloveboxes, Moorfield Nanotechnology vacuum deposition machines, PVA automated dispensing systems, PVD substrates/wafers and deposition materials, hermetic sealing packages, Solvay heat transfer fluids and other consumables.

BT Electronics has offices in Orgeval, Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, Toulouse-Labège and La Rochelle to ensure customer proximity.
We look forward to meeting you and supporting your projects.

Yours sincerely
The BT Electronics team