Parylene P6

Technical data

Materials deposited: Parylene N, C, D, F-VT4

Range of thicknesses: 0.05 to 20 micrometres

Dimensions of the system: L 700 mm, H 700 mm, P 500 mm

Dimensions of the chamber: Ø 200 mm, H 200 mm

Pyrolysis: 1.6 kW / max 750 °C

Carousel: Ø 170 mm, H 170 mm

Liquid nitrogen trap: N2 liquid

Vacuum pump: Aspiration capacity: 16 m3/h

Limit vacuum: 1 x 10-3 mbar

Control: The software under Windows and the fifteen inch touch screen provide intuitive use of the equipment either automatically or manually.


230 V / 16 A / 50-60 Hz

Compressed air: clean, dry, de-oiled: 6 bars

Pump discharge: Pipe of 20 mm interior diameter