All our plasma systems may be equipped with different types of controller (Femto, Pico, Nano, Tetra 30, Tetra 50, Tetra 100, etc.).
The following types of controller are available:

  • semi-automatic
  • automatic
  • control by PC
  • control by PCCE


Modifiable parameters: :

  • treatment time
  • power of the generator
  • flow of gases
  • working pressure


Modifiable parameters: :

  • treatment time
  • power of the generator
  • flow of gases
  • working pressure


Our software has been specially designed for plasma applications.

  • easy-to-use
  • eal-time display of the state of the system
  • automatic control of all parameters
  • automatic monitoring of all parameters
  • automatic backup of all parameters
  • data on the batches and on the user


The controller is based on a PC equipped with a fieldbus and the data can be saved in Excel format. The following parameters must be programmed:

  • Maximum pumping time
  • Proportions of gaseous mixture
  • Working pressure
  • Pressure stabilisation time
  • Power of the generator
  • Treatment time
  • Rinsing time
  • Ventilation time
  • Tolerances
  • Sub-programs



To control our installations, we have developed new software adapted to the specific requirements of plasma technology: control by PCCE functioning with the Windows CE operating system.

The equipment has a TFT 3.5″ touch screen. Its coloured graphical interface with the Windows look and feel is intuitive and easy-to-use. In contrast to traditional LCD screens with no tactile functionality, no additional keyboard, for example with functional buttons for use at several levels, is necessary. Two modes of functioning are possible: automatic mode and manual mode.

Control functions by PCCE in manual mode :

  • Single units, such as valves, can be started and stopped by pressing the corresponding symbol.
  • To enter set-point values, just select a unit, such as the generator.
  • A contextual dialogue box then appears. You can change the set-point values using the virtual +/- buttons on the touch screen.

Control functions by PCCE in automatic mode: :

  • For program creation, 50 locations are available..
  • Programming is done directly on the device’s tactile screen. No other programmable device or external PC is necessary..
  • A program name may be assigned to each program..
  • The data from the process may be exported in tsv format. So it is possible to read the exported data directly in Excel, for example..
  • The history of important data from the process can be displayed in the form of a line graph..
  • The current progress of the process is displayed on the main screen, together with the elapsed time of the process.
  • Alerts are displayed by a flashing LED and a list of alerts to simplify error diagnostics.
  • Multilingual (German/English), with other languages available upon request.
  • Using a connection to the integrated Ethernet network, the data can be directly exported.
  • A USB port is provided so that programmes, alerts, process values, etc., can be recorded on USB drives.
  • The control device has neither rotary elements, fixed platform nor fan. It therefore requires no maintenance.
  • The start-up time of the device is very short.